Book Sales Worldwide Shown on User Pages

If you use the User Accounts feature to view multiple books on one page, you are limited to a single location at a time (,, etc.). However, based on user feedback, you can now get sales rank, book sales worldwide for the current month and for the entire year by hovering your mouse over any book in your list:
User Page Qtip All Domains

There is a half-second delay before the pop-up appears to ensure it doesn’t happen accidentally. It will also disappear when you leave that current book’s row, automatically. This request was one of the top request on the user page feedback survey, found on the left side of your user page. If you haven’t filled it out or if you have and you want to change your answers, you are more than welcome to do so.

As a space consideration, book sales in the table only show the current month. Like this feature? Consider donating to support the 2010 donation drive.

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    1. karl allen

      i have great faith in the service you provide for tracking books sales. i would like to receive information to sign up to receive your book sales tracking service. i am a first time author of the book titled- the golden virtues of jesus christ: the qualities of human survival.

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