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NovelRank Android App Has Arrived

NovelRank Android App It’s been a request for a very long time, especially since the iPhone app has been out for years and was recently updated. But now, the Android App is available in the Google Play store.

The android app was developed by me, which required learning a whole new programming language (enough to get by at least) and a whole new platform (Android). So, while the app is very simple, it does exist for Android device users like myself who wish to easily see their user account’s books on-the-go.

So grab a download of the app and enjoy.

Why is it $0.99?
Google charges $25 just to put the app up, and it was 3 weeks of work putting it all together (because it was 100% new to me), so I believed that users of a completely FREE service like NovelRank wouldn’t mind chipping in $1 for the convenience of an app.

Why not hire someone?
I didn’t want to charge $2.99 for the app and potentially never make back the money spent.

NovelRank Web App Now in Free Preview

novelrank-web-appThe NovelRank Web App is now available in a free preview for all users. While it is fully functional in a PC’s browser, it is designed for mobile smartphones and tablets. All you need is the username from your user account to get going.

As mentioned previously, this is a free preview of the app. Soon it will only be available to users who are part of NovelRank Pro, an upcoming value-add service that provides improvements to NovelRank that give your books priority as well as save you time and effort to get the data you want, all in a single annual fee for your entire user account. Until that is released, the web-app will stay free for everyone to use.

Let me know what you think of the app in the comments below!