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Chart Amazon Book Sales: Tracking Books

Book Sales Chart - Dating GuideI’ve been putting this off for too long, and finally took the initiative and got it done this morning in about 3 hours. You will now see a new Chart Type option when viewing your book on NovelRank: Book Sales. Book sales tracking has existed since NovelRank launched, but there was no way to see a chart or bar graph of the information, till now. Remember, these are still sales estimates, with accuracy decreasing for books selling more than 100 copies a month.


I have also updated the Download to Excel/CSV option so monthly Amazon sales estimates for the entire history of NovelRank tracking will be available. Better late than never. Here is another quick example with more domains present:

Sales Chart - All Domains

Finally, since I was in charting, I fixed a bug where you would see in the Domains drop-down menu all Amazon domains, even if your book was not tracked on that domain. That has been fixed, so only relevant domains will be displayed. Please hold your applause.

NovelRank improvements through the rest of 2009

Being in the middle of November, a month filled with novel writing for NaNoWriMo, Thanksgiving (U.S. holiday), and a trip to Orlando, FL to work a conference and visit old friends, NovelRank development will take a back seat for a little while. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any goals for NovelRank development before the end of 2009. In no particular order:

  • Flip sales rank chart so that lower numbers are higher
  • Add charts for book sales (bar graphs) Done!
  • Add book sales data via CSV spreadsheet download Done!
  • Add RSS feeds for individual domains Done!
  • Add a second URL for accessing books in the format: …com/title/name-of-book Done!
  • Provide the first of many analysis/research articles about books by self-publishing authors available on Amazon.com and their specific self-publishing publishers Done!

It’s not an exhaustive list, for sure, but there is a bit of work involved. Luckily, the foundations have already been built, this just adds more depth to the features currently available. If you have a desire to keep me motivated, feel free to tell 3 friends about NovelRank, or post about it on your blog, forums for authors that you visit, or on Twitter and Facebook.