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Custom Search: New Feature for Firefox Users

firefox custom searchFor those of you using Firefox (or the 64-bit version, Waterfox), you are use to seeing the search box on the top-right of the browser. You may also have been aware of the ability to add custom searches to the box, for instance being able to search Wikipedia directly from that box. Well, now you can add NovelRank Search to that part of the browser.

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NovelRank Extensions for Firefox and Chrome Browsers

Thanks to a user request by Ryan W. I am happy to announce a very simple extension for the Firefox and the Chrome web browsers. It’s not a robust extension, but it will allow you to quickly access NovelRank from Amazon (and if the book is not yet tracked, add it for tracking quickly). Here is what the extension does on Amazon’s website:
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Amazon Book Sales RSS Feed Improvements

Thanks to feedback from a NovelRank user, RSS feeds for individual books has been improved, especially for Firefox users! Now, when you go to a book’s details page such as the book Body Rolling, you will now notice that in the toolbar at the top is the famous RSS subscribe icon letting you know that there are RSS feeds available on this page! These are the same RSS Feeds that are available under the RSS feeds tab, including Amazon book sales.

Firefox RSS Subscribe Icon

Furthermore, if you go directly to one of these feeds, Firefox will automatically understand that this is an RSS feed and offer to add it as a Live Bookmark for you!

Firefox RSS Live Bookmarks

So now it is even easier to get your Amazon book sales or sales rank feeds in RSS form. Thanks to Stephanie Golden for bringing this to my attention!