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NovelRank.com and NovelRank Blog Design Released!

After 10+ hours of work this past weekend, the web-design for NovelRank.com and the NovelRank blog has been finalized. Most of the time was spent porting the styling over to a wordpress theme to ensure the blog looked and functioned seamlessly with the rest of NovelRank. I’m pretty excited about this step being completed, it’s much easier on the eyes than the placeholder page!

To Do List:

  • Features Chart Page
  • Charting
  • Book Search
  • Book Tracking
    • Twitter Search by Title and/or Author
    • Amazon Reviews check/notifications
    • Standard Deviation, Mean (Average), Median, Highest/Lowest Rank, Averages (7 days, month, 3 months, year)…
    • Chart tagging (for event/promotion referencing in charts) Post-Launch Phase 2
  • RSS Feeds (salesrank, sales)
  • Exporting to CSV
  • More Top 10 Lists
  • FAQ Page
  • Donation Buttons/Links
  • SalesRank Widget (javascript)
  • mod_rewrite for books (/asin/ and /title/ @Launch) and ‘accounts’ (/user/username) Post-Launch Phase 2
  • Facebook App Post-Launch Phase 2
  • ‘Account’ Creation (RPX) Post-Launch Phase 2
  • SMS/Email Notifications functionality Post-Launch Phase 2
  • iPhone App Post-Launch Phase 2
  • Palm Pre App Post-Launch Phase 2

Yup, this is going to take some work!