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Custom Search: New Feature for Firefox Users

firefox custom searchFor those of you using Firefox (or the 64-bit version, Waterfox), you are use to seeing the search box on the top-right of the browser. You may also have been aware of the ability to add custom searches to the box, for instance being able to search Wikipedia directly from that box. Well, now you can add NovelRank Search to that part of the browser.

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Search Tracked Books on NovelRank Now Available

Busy weekend! The final surprise for January 2010 is the addition of book search to the book tracking page. You can now search all the books tracked on NovelRank to see if yours is already tracked. Of course, if you know your book is tracked, but have no idea how to get to it, you are welcome to use the new feature as well. It’s a custom built search, so it will look for the most exact match first before going into a ‘looser’ search. Search by title or by author, your choice.

Book Search screenshot

Now, if you are just curious, you could just search and see what comes up! You never know what amazing independent book you may find! Start searching for books right now.

Publisher Listings Now Available!

So I was on Christmas vacation and I couldn’t get NovelRank out of my head. How can I make things easier for users (and for search engines) to find all of the amazing books being tracking on NovelRank? Well, after about 6 hours of work, I have the answer: Publishers.

As of today (actually last night), you can now view a list of all of the publishers listed for book’s tracked on NovelRank. Secondarily, you can also then select any of those publishers (they are listed alphabetically), and view all of the books tracked for that publisher, with their titles, format, author(s), and of course link to view their page!

Finally, on any of the book’s detail pages, on the left side where the stats are listed for the book, the publisher option is now a clickable link to go see other books from that publisher. Now, this is based on Amazon provided data, so you will find things like O’Reilly Media and also O’Reilly Media, Inc. listed as two separate publishers. I’m not here to correct Amazon, just list it as stated.

Enjoy, have fun, and be safe this New Year’s Eve! 2010 is looking smashing!