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Amazon Book Sales Statistics for 2012 – Time-Based

These statistics are provided as-is and are based on NovelRank’s sales estimates. Any inaccuracies are universally applied and should not affect the overall trends in the data. However, it is limited by the total books in NovelRank’s database, and thus is automatically biased.

TL;DR Grain of salt.

The very first chart was similar in shape across all domains, thus only one was included. All other charts are also summaries of only 2012 data and is shown for the top 3 Amazon domains tracked on NovelRank. Compared to the previous statistics post, these statistics are much less conclusive. For that reason, I encourage you to draw your own conclusions and post them in the comments below.
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Amazon.de Kindle Edition Sales Rank Tracking Now Available

With today’s announcement from Amazon that Kindle Edition e-books will now be available for customers in Germany and worldwide who use Amazon.de, NovelRank has been updated to support this new store! You can now track your Kindle book sales on Amazon.de by going to the book tracking page on NovelRank and adding your URL, just like you did for the print editions. NovelRank’s second largest user base are books in German, published by German authors, and distributed exclusively on Amazon.de. Therefore, this update to NovelRank was made shortly after the announcement.

If NovelRank is already tracking your Kindle Edition book in other domains, just grab the Amazon URL again or the book’s ASIN (highlighted in the example below) and enter it again into the box on the sales rank tracking page, making sure to check the ‘Additional Domains’ box. The system will search whether a sales rank on Amazon.de is present, and add the book if it is available.


Note: In most cases, your kindle book has not yet sold a copy, so no sales rank is present and NovelRank will not be able to begin tracking. As soon as you have a sales rank (a single sale will do it) on Amazon.de, it can be added to NovelRank using the method above. My personal trick? Buy a copy as a gift for a friend. About 3 hours later, you will have a sales rank and can add it for tracking on NovelRank.

NovelRank Feature Upgrades for the End of 2010

Christmas Candles 2010

To wrap up 2010, I’ve made some new improvements to NovelRank, so I thought I should give the community an update. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday break and that your sales, especially for e-books, have been huge after Christmas Day!


Here’s the list:

  • The facebook ‘like’ and twitter ‘tweet’ buttons have been updated for the book details pages, and when tracking a new book
  • When a book is reactivated from its inactive status, it will now take 3 times longer before it may become inactive again, to reduce the amount of false positives
  • Kindle book sales estimates are more accurate when sales rank drops below 6000
  • Sales estimates updated retroactively for those books affected by the above change **
  • When a book has more domains added for tracking, user pages that track that book will automatically be updated with the new domain info
  • More capacity available for tracking Amazon.de books in the future

If you received a new Kindle or Nook this holiday, consider picking up a copy of my newest e-book, 50 Conversation Starters for the Modern Age, for $2.99 and strike up a conversation with a stranger this season! You can even blog about it. :)

Happy New Year!

* Update 1:13pm PST (9:13pm GMT)

The initial round of ‘sales estimate’ updates were skewed very high. The formula has been fixed and reapplied.

* Update 3:18pm PST

Did a bit more tweaking based on feedback, trying to never overestimate. Done for real this time!

Region Specific Books on NovelRank

I just thought this was really interesting, so I’m sharing it. In an effort to continue to make NovelRank not only an efficient tool, but also allow it to continue to grow, I had to look at some interesting statistics.

Below is a list of Amazon domains that NovelRank tracks, followed by the number of books that are listed EXCLUSIVELY on that domain (for instance, if the book is on Amazon.com AND Amazon.co.uk it is not counted).

  • 17824 unique books on Amazon.com
  • 3234 unique books on Amazon.de
  • 1317 unique books on Amazon.co.uk
  • 186 unique books on Amazon.fr
  • 74 unique books on Amazon.ca
  • 18 unique books on Amazon.co.jp

Now, with Kindle books being exclusive to Amazon.com for so long, and Amazon.com being the biggest of all the domains, the biggest number is no surprise. However, Amazon.de is a fantastic surprise. I’ve known there to be many visitors recently, but this really put the point on it. If you have any feedback about how NovelRank can better serve a German audience, please let me know in the comments below.