Book Sales Rank Tracking Improved on User Pages

Following 5 steps to get anything done stinks! Thanks to feedback from a user (Gordon), there are some improvements for those who are using the User Accounts feature to track book sales rank.

Now, once you Login to your User Account to manage the books on your User Page, a cookie is set in your browser that will follow you as you move around NovelRank. If you then go over to the Sales Rank Tracking page and add a new book to NovelRank, the book will be automatically added to your User Page! Go ahead, applause is appropriate.

This takes a previously 5 step process for each book down to 1 step: start tracking the book.

As a reminder, you must go to the User Accounts Admin page first to get the cookie before this will work, and if you add books from a different computer or browser, it will not happen automatically, so it is 95% effective; A dramatic improvement over 0%.

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    3 thoughts on “Book Sales Rank Tracking Improved on User Pages

    1. ELPNPress

      Hi Mario,

      I’m not sure why, but when I went to check books for one of our imprints, “El Paso Norte Press”, each title seemed to be marked “inactive.” I’ve never see that feature. We have over 100 books on that imprint. Is that too many? Any reason why they might be all inactive on the publisher page?

      The books on our “special edition books” imprint publisher page are all fine. Very odd.

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