DVD Tracking and Music Tracking Services Launched

Amazon DVD Sales Rank Tracker
DVD Sales Tracker.com can track DVD and Blu-Ray format discs.

Amazon Music Sales Rank Tracker

Music Sales Tracker.com can track music and albums such as:
Audio CDs and MP3 Downloads.

After completing some major improvements to the core of NovelRank over the weekend, these sister sites were launched to meet the needs of their particular audiences. These are paired down versions of NovelRank, in that there is no blog, no social network accounts, and no donation requests. Both sister sites are as feature rich as NovelRank in the sense of individual item tracking, easy access, free to use, and including the User Pages feature to track multiple items. However, moving forward, updates and new features may not be sent to these sister websites while I concentrate on continuing to make NovelRank even better for you, the authors.

As a final improvement, if someone on NovelRank attempts to add a video or music item, they will be automatically brought to the tracking page of the appropriate sister site. Neat trick, huh? I hope this will help filter each type of creative individual to the appropriate site for their needs.

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