2011 Fall Donation Drive – Featured Books, PDF, and News

Mario Lurig - NovelRank's CreatorIt happens only twice a year, and the last donation drive was in February, so it’s time for me to invite you to join me. You can support NovelRank’s continued growth and improvements and get cool thank you benefits! Even if the donation is small, you are contributing to keeping this site the most valuable sales rank tracking site on the web today.


In the last 8 months, NovelRank has added new features, including:

  • Support for Amazon.it (Italy), Amazon.cn (China), and Amazon.es (Spain)
  • Released an iPhone app
  • Added multiple book comparison charts for User Accounts
  • Improved website speed by reducing loading time by more than 50%
  • Added Amazon.de Kindle tracking
  • Added book QR Codes

Every improvement, upgrade, tweak, and integration involves hours of time. NovelRank was created and is maintained by one guy, Mario Lurig (pictured to the right), and as of May 2011 it became one of my part-time jobs as I chose to make NovelRank and other website services my full-time job, on top of writing a new book and some other unique projects. Today I’m asking for your support.

As a bonus, everyone who donates at or above the levels listed below will receive a thank you promotion by having their book featured on NovelRank. To those of you who donated in the last 2-3 months, thank you… your books are still in the rotation until the Spring donation drive comes around. If you would like to see your book in the rotation, just consider supporting NovelRank with a donation.

Donate $150 or more – Choose 1 book to be rotated throughout the site, including the Track page (4x’s the visibility)

Donate $80 – Everything below PLUS a copy of Top of Amazon for $5: Influencing Amazon Search
Donate $50 – Choose 1 book to rotate through the FAQ, Publisher, Top 10, Features, and Login pages
Optional: If you prefer not to use PayPal, use the NovelRank Supporters Amazon Wishlist.


Thanks for loving NovelRank as much as I do. Authors make words into magic, and I hope I can provide magic for you with NovelRank.

Mario Lurig
Creator, NovelRank

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