“My Zombie Body” E-Book 24 Hour Free Giveaway

My Zombie Body - Book Cover Image

Imagine your body no longer listened to you. You were trapped, experiencing the world in a new way: without any control over your actions. It’s a world filled with sleep deprivation, mind games, and unthinkable acts.

Welcome to my world.

New Book Release

Today I release my third book and my first fiction novella, My Zombie Body. To celebrate, I’ve decided to run a 24 hour giveaway on the website I designed for the book. If you would like to get a promotional copy, just head on over to:


The giveaway lasts until 11:59pm Pacific Time today, Oct 18, 2011, so hurry.

It has been 2 years in the making, has an amazing cover designed by a local artist, and the word can only spread if you download, share, and participate in enjoying this undead novella. If you are reading this after-the-fact, just head to MyZombieBody.com and download the preview or purchase a copy of the book. There is even a Clean Version for those who may not be partial to curse words. Enjoy this unique take on a popular genre and share it with others.

Mario Lurig
Author and Creator of NovelRank

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