Choosing E-Book Formats for Your Readers

Earlier this week I did a 36 hour promotion for my latest book, My Zombie Body, and with that promotion I offered separate download links for three different book formats: PDF, ePub, and Mobi (Kindle). Over 2000 copies were downloaded by visitors, and I wanted to share with you the results.

  • PDF – 45%
  • ePub – 28%
  • Mobi – 27%

What’s the value?

Well, if you are offering your book for sale on Amazon, you are speaking to the Kindle audience. If you are selling on Barnes & Noble, you are offering the ePub (same with the Apple iBookstore and Kobo). These individuals are purchasing from a trusted site where they don’t need to know which format. However, if your reader is purchasing directly from your website, using a service such as FetchApp to make this easy, it’s important that you offer a PDF version for them to download, as readers know what that means and are pretty sure that it is compatible with their PC, tablet, e-reader, etc.

FetchApp Logo

More about FetchApp

FetchApp is a great little service that handles distribution of your digital files and payment processing, such as with PayPal. You can bundle multiple files into a single product, limit the amount of time and number of downloads, and get full details about each purchase down to the download date and time. Needless to say, I love this service, and it starts at free if you have less than 1 MB of files.

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