For Publishers: NovelRank Enterprise Edition Sales Rank Software

Enterprise Sales Rank Tracking SoftwareToday I’m releasing a new piece of software, specifically for publishers and other companies who sell and compare products on Amazon worldwide. The sales rank tracking software is web-based, however you install it on your own servers. That means there are no restrictions to what you track, nobody else can see the information you collect, and it can support up to 20,000 different ASINs (recommended use is 5,000-10,000 products)! More importantly, it’s enterprise level software, which means the experience, information, and technology behind it is more advanced than

There is more information on the NovelRank Enterprise Edition main page, including an outline of the features. Even better, there is a live demo of the software that anyone can try out! The database automatically resets twice a week since it is a demo, but it is fully functional. It uses calculations for statistical outliers to estimate sales, focused on not only the specific Amazon domain, but on the specific product category (e.g. Book, eBooks, Toy, Health and Beauty, etc). That means much higher accuracy of sales rank based estimations, including multiple sales in a single hour (from different purchases).


The MSRP of the software is $1600, but for the month of November, I’m offering a 10% discount ($1440)! As an added bonus, there is also an referral program. That means that if you know a company that would benefit from the software, and they note you as a the referrer, you earn a 10% referral fee! That means that the company saves $160, and you are given $160! More details about the referral program are available at the bottom of the main NovelRank Enterprise Edition page.

Final Note
This in no way changes NovelRank’s services for authors worldwide and actually is leading to improvements before the end of the year. This software was possible because of everything I learned creating and maintaining NovelRank, and in no way will replace or change it in a negative way. was built by an author, for authors, and that will never change.

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