(Italy) Sales Rank Tracking Now Available

As of earlier this week, Amazon released the Product Advertising API for, Italy. Within a few hours, NovelRank was enabled for tracking sales rank on If you want to add your book for tracking, just repeat the process you used when first adding your book: Copy and paste the Amazon link (can be from any Amazon domain, doesn’t have to be the link) into the Sales Rank tracking page. Make sure you check ‘Add Additional Domains’, and click the track button to finish the process. Within a few seconds, all of Amazon’s domains will be checked to see if updates for tracking are available. Enjoy!

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    2 thoughts on “ (Italy) Sales Rank Tracking Now Available

    1. admin Post author

      Not automatically (yet… I’m considering a new feature where you pay a small fee to make that happen).
      You need to go back to the Track page to check for new domains.

    2. Lisa

      If I enabled all domains when I first started tracking the book, does it continue to check all domains (including new ones) each time?


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