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The ePub format has quickly become the standard for distributing an ebook to the masses using a digital reader. With the iPad continuing to sell well and ePub the standard for the iBook app for browsing for books on the iPad, it is important to get your book in the ePub format so you can share your ebook easily!

Some companies are offering conversion of the PDF or DOC version of your book to ePub format for a fee, but a new service has popped which does all this automatically for you! The service is called ePubBud and it was designed to look like the interface of the ubiquitous YouTube. To see an example, here is Mario Lurig’s ePub book (hey, that’s me!).

The steps are pretty straightforward:

  • Choose to upload a new book or create a new ebook on the ePubBud site
  • You will be prompted to make an account after the first step above
  • You will now be able to update all of the book info, provide a link to the paper version, charge for the book, etc. You can also choose to share it publicly (link at the very top)

Once the ePub book is created, you can download it directly from the site and save it for your own uses! Yes, it is pretty simple, but time for some caveats…

  • The site is changing regularly as features are being added, so if something is broken, you may have to come back. It should be marked ‘Beta’.
  • The interface for updating book information can be confusing, and not all options are in one place, sometimes split in different parts of the page
  • The target audience is not mainstream authors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this website!
  • I’ve never tested the ‘charge for book’ option
  • Some of the above instructions may be different in the future… I’m sorry? Joys of a new website

NovelRank nor I are affiliated with this website in any way.

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    4 thoughts on “Create an ePub Format Version of Your eBook

    1. Guy

      One major problem with the ePubBud site is they get to keep whatever you convert, and they get to do whatever they want with your work, under a non-revokable transfer of rights from you to them. Even if you delete your stuff and your account, the ePub book you created using their software can be sold, given away, modified, etc., for as long as they want. This is not a free service, it is a method to get thousands of free books that they can then turn around and resell to make money. You’re technically transferring a non-exclusive print/sales right to them, forever.

    2. ELPNPress

      This is potentially a great resource! I tried a couple of conversions, and I noticed that they render all quotation marks as question marks. I sent in feedback, and got a personal response. They said the issue should be fixed soon.

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