Amazon Reviews Changing on November 8th

A recent email from Amazon stated that they will no longer provide all the details about reviews, such as the total number of reviews which NovelRank uses to give you a quick indication about the books that you are tracking. Instead, they will only provide a URL that displays all the review content in a box within a webpage. This begins on November 8th, 2010.

Therefore, on November 8th, I will remove the ‘review’ count from being displayed on NovelRank and change the ‘reviews’ link on a book’s details page to load this special URL within NovelRank. Sorry folks, not much that can be done here. More information can be found (for the technically minded) in Amazon’s API documentation.

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    3 thoughts on “Amazon Reviews Changing on November 8th

    1. Elisabeth

      Hi: I am having fun tracking my book and the ranking for both U.S. and Canada show up on one chart. But the UK ranking isn’t showing up. I had to set up a separate page for that. Is there a way to get all three, U.S., Canada, & UK onto one page so I can see all three together?

    2. nlof

      This is unrelated however I found no other way to contact NovelRank other than posting here.

      Last night at 12 AM there was a 1 hour glitch in the amazon ranking system which caused all the tracked books to register 1 sale at that time.

      Can you please adjust your database to eliminate this from ALL the books you track?


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