A Look Behind the Curtain at NovelRank

Just wanted to put out a quick post to give everyone an update on what happens behind the scenes at NovelRank to bring you all of this great research and data for free every hour of every day. Here are some quick stats:

  • Currently, over 12,500 unique books have their sales rank tracked every hour
  • Approximately 300-500 new books are added each week
  • Every hour, 900+ different pages/rss feeds/widgets are viewed on NovelRank.com (total hourly cached pages)
  • NovelRank grows, with your support, by 20% every month
  • NovelRank is storing over 70,000,000 records of sales rank history across Amazon’s worldwide domains
  • The history grows by tens of thousands every hour
  • There are 300+ User Pages tracking 2,900 books; That is an average of 9 books per user page

If using other sales rank tracking websites, you not only would not get all the services, features, and data NovelRank provides, but the average user would also be spending anywhere from $108 – $228 a year! Any donations to NovelRank from users saving money by using this free service receive a handwritten thank you card (the last round was just mailed out). You spend a lot of time on NovelRank, so I’m happy to spend a little time sending a small card.

I’m waiting on a few items to fall into place before working on a few more new things (possibly an Android app!) for NovelRank, but thanks to all of the user feedback I’ve received, I like to think that NovelRank continues to meet many of your needs as authors and publishers, wherever you are in the world.

Mario Lurig
Creator, NovelRank

NovelRank turns 1 year old in October, and a huge book giveaway is planned; Stay tuned!

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    3 thoughts on “A Look Behind the Curtain at NovelRank

    1. admin Post author

      Amazon still is reporting a SalesRank via their API (how I get the data), such as:

      On the amazon.de website they give a category salesrank (salesrank within books), but that is not immediately accessible. So there are some differences, but the behaviour is the same in regards to NovelRank. If you have other issues, please email me at admin[at]novelrank[dot]com

    2. Ulf Schiewe


      I think NovelRank is very neat and have been using it frequently for tracking my novel at Amazon Germany. But now, a few days ago, Amazon in Germany changed their ranking system. There is no longer the sales rank as we know it, but they display a “Bestseller Ranking” which seems to behave like a avarage ranking. In consequence NovelRank no longer picks up sales for the books I have been tracking. Maybe you want to look into that.

      Best regards

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