Overwhelming and Amazing Author Generosity

When I first asked authors if they would donate a book for a monthly giveaway, I was inspired by donating my own book to a different website’s one year anniversary. I sent out a quick tweet on Twitter, and with a ‘yes’ from 3 authors, I decided, “Good enough, let’s do this!”

I had no idea…

It’s been 2 months since the giveaway was first announced, and I’ve received over 32 books from authors and publishers all over North America and Europe. You probably noticed that this month, two books were being given away. Next month, it may be a new book every 2 weeks. All I know is that as the pool of individuals interested in books from amazing authors and publishers grows larger, I’ll try and get more and more books out to feed their voracious appetites for amazing works printed on simple pages and wrapped in beautiful covers.

Why am I sharing this? Because I picked up a 25 pack of padded bubble mailers today to ensure I could easily continue to provide this promotion for all the generous authors, with the highest of quality and with as much care and attention as each one of these books deserves. I’m glad NovelRank has served you so well over the last 6 months of existence, and I intend to keep it going with your support into 2011 and beyond. I haven’t always been in love with books, and I can’t say I ever give enough time to them, but for the amazing people I’ve written to and heard from because of NovelRank, I couldn’t be more attached.

Simply put, Thank You.

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    2 thoughts on “Overwhelming and Amazing Author Generosity

    1. jill treadwell

      Would love to send you a book to giveaway … what’s the address?

      Book: Life as a Sandwich
      Author: Eric Peterson
      Distributor: Sunbelt Publications
      Publisher: Huckleberry House

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